It Done Broke.

Google Analytics for WordPress Plugin

Google Analytics for WordPress 2.7

I’ve only seen this happen on one post so it’s kind of hard to analyze.  The Google Analytics for WordPress plugin would do a kind of gag-choke thing:


The things you don’t see here are:

  • the Adblock link had a “);” appended to it.
  • the second link to Pipes has the Adblock URL assigned to it.

The actual code in the posting shows nothing of any interest:

<a href="">Pipes</a> suffers quite a bit if you don't disable the <a href="">Adblock Firefox add-on</a> for <a href=""></a>.

…except the malformed URLs for Pipes (which, of course, is a problem – but it shouldn’t be the plugin’s problem).  When the “http://” was added the plugin behaved properly.  However, even though it’s an error in the HTML I don’t think the plugin should lose its marbles.  The regex that parses out the URL should maybe grab whatever is in the quotes, perhaps do something with it (perhaps not) but it shouldn’t behave unexpectedly.

Also, the administrative Options panel for the plugin shows this:


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