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WP Super Cache WordPress Plugin

WP Super Cache 0.91
Bad Behaviour

Not a conflict, as such, but if you have Super Cache 0.91 and Bad Behaviour running simultaneously, you’ll want to go here and grab the code for wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/plugins/badbehaviour.php and replace the contents of that file.  The shipped contents cause Super Cache to look for a directory called wp-content/plugins/Bad-Behaviour which won’t exist (that’s the old install directory); wp-content/plugins/bad-behaviour is the current plugin install.

The only down side to this not working properly (I think) is that BB needs static HTML files to work.  You can switch Super Cache to support BB, however, you’ll only have Half-On legacy WP-Cache.  I suppose this is fine, although, if that’s the case then you really don’t need Super Cache installed at all.  I can’t find a decent explanation for any of this so I might be wrong as to the why.  I could also find no explanation as to what level of armageddon will ensue if you disable the BB support option in Super Cache and allow it to serve dynamic pages.  My guess is BB will simply either not catch any bad behaviour or it won’t work quite right and maybe false positives (?).  However, upon looking at the foot of the page source, it’s stating that Super Cache had served it up dynamically.  Frankly, I don’t know what’s going on here.

I don’t know which is the worse trade-off: pages loading slower and blocking spam bots, or pages loading quickly but serving them up to any spam bots that come knocking.

Note: I would have assumed that the plugin would do it for me, but I reloaded a page which I think was probably previously cached as compressed and the browser told me the page was compressed with some unknown compression.  I cleared the Super Cache cache and reloaded and it was fine…for a while.  Now it sporadically does it.  I’ve reverted back to the previous options for now.

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