It Done Broke.

How Apple Enriches My Life (Part 2)

Continued from How Apple Enriches My Life

So no less than 24 hours later, I’m called by the Apple Store, Regent Street, and informed that the replacement optical drive has arrived and is awaiting my return to have it put in.  I was told that if I didn’t think I could make it in the requisite 7 days I could just call and tell them when I could and they’d hold the part.

I brought machine in the very next Monday and mentioned that I don’t live in town and if it were at all possible for them to do it today I would be very appreciative.  The floor manager was consulted.  He asked what kind of a machine and repair it was and he said no problem.  Indeed, the part was installed and tested within 3 hours.  Amazing.

When I got home and powered up, I found that mysteriously, an extra 10GB of space has materialized on the system drive.  The logs seemed to indicate that the core of the operating system had been replaced…mysteriously, since it was obviously a hardware issue.  Spotlight was reindexing the drive and certain pieces of software needed reinstalling.  Plus, a Software Update revealed that 6 packages that I knew I already installed wanted to be reinstalled.

After a bit more digging around I found the Developer directory was gone – XCode, Dev. Tools, iPhone SDK, etc.  That would account for the extra 10GB.  No idea why it was necessary to nuke that but I’m not too fussed: I’ve got backups and the install DMGs.

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