It Done Broke.

How Apple Enriches My Life (Part 2)

Continued from How Apple Enriches My Life

So no less than 24 hours later, I’m called by the Apple Store, Regent Street, and informed that the replacement optical drive has arrived and is awaiting my return to have it put in.  I was told that if I didn’t think I could make it in the requisite 7 days I could just call and tell them when I could and they’d hold the part.

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How Apple Enriches My Life

I use my Macbook Pro constantly.  My freelance work demands having a computer available all the time (I’m a tech guy for hire – I used to do systems admin full-time).  I had a desktop workstation at one point which I built from scratch and I also had a Dell Inspiron 7500 way back.  What a back-breaker that was.  The MBP is a great machine – solid, powerful and decked out with plenty of peripheral ports (it’s a 2007 model).  Since I knew I’d be using it so much, I wanted to minimize any risk of downtime.  So I bought the AppleCare extended 3-year warranty.  Yeah, I know…it’s a questionable move.  But I had a similar extended warranty with the Inspiron back in 2000 and I didn’t regret it.  Like, what do you do when the keyboard falls apart?  Or the optical drive stops working…

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