It Done Broke.

Bittorrent Metainfo File Quick Look Generator 1.2

Re-build as Universal binary.

Ver­sion 1.2 now avail­able on the Down­loads page.

Bittorrent Metainfo File Quick Look Generator 1.1

I’ve updated the Quick Look generator for bittorrent meta files. Thanks to Guillaume Lessard for pointing out the deficiency in calculating total sizes for super-large torrents.  So…it should be okay for a while…

Version 1.1 now available on the Downloads page.

Bittorrent Metainfo File Quick Look Generator

I’ve thrown together a Quick Look generator for those Leopard users out there who have poorly named Bittorrent metainfo files.  It’s a work in progress, so no warranties, but it works for me…here it is anyway.

For a more complete description, got to the Downloads page.

Fluid SSB With Gears Doesn’t Hide Well

I found this a few months ago but forgot to post it:  Fluid, the OSX WebKit-based single-site browser application, floods your /var/log/system.log with errors regarding CGWindowContextCreate failing:

FluidInstance[3592]: Failed to create window context device
CGWindowContextCreate: failed to create context delegate.
_initWithWindowNumber: error creating graphics ctxt object for ctxt:0x18343, window:0xffffffff

The bug was being discussed here (in which commenters pointed their fingers at several plugins) but the discussion seems to have ceased.  The last suspected culprit is the Google Gears plugin (located in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins).  Indeed, when I removed every plugin and added them back, the Gears plugin was the one that caused the flooding.

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Leopard Upgrade Kills Compressor/Qmaster

One of those instances where you thank your stars you did an Archive & Install.

Final Cut’s Compressor needs Qmaster to be running in the background to arbitrate rendering jobs – even if you’re the only machine on the network.  Lots of babies get thrown out with the bathwater when you do a operating system upgrade (including some X11 essentials like xinit and startx – more on that later), and migrating your big cat from Tiger to Leopard is no different.  Compressor is one of the casualties.  There are 4 files in /usr/sbin/ that get tossed: qmastera, qmasterd, qmasterprefs and qmasterqd.

If you did an Archive & Install, you can fish those babies out from /Previous Systems/<YYYY-MM-DD_XXXX>/usr/sbin, but you’ll probably need some Terminal skills.

Strangely enough, the startup launch scripts in /Library/StartupItems/Qmaster will probably still be there, so you can either reboot or again in the Terminal, “sudo /Library/StartupItems/Qmaster start” should get it running again.

Also, perhaps this works but I haven’t tried it.  Anyone?