It Done Broke.

WordTwit Strangeness

WordPress 2.9.1
WordTwit 2.3.1

Some bizarro stuff going on with WordTwit. First it was complaining about a foreach() loop and coughing up a PHP error. Now it doesn’t seem to know how to handle the multi-dimensional array $tweets; it spits back the first character of the first levels elements. I posted the letter “t” -900 minutes ago and the number “2” 14646 days ago?

In another theme that handled widgets, similar hanky, but with doing something with an array that PHP didn’t like.

Unfortunately, Bravenewcode, the authors, have their support forums in plastic surgery right now and I’m not sure how to contact them. I’ve also tried hitting them up on Twitter for a clue on how to hit them up. Nothing yet.

Update: the lads from Bravenewcode have quickly fixed this. It was an error caused by Twitter not returning an array when only one tweet was available (when it normally does). WordTwit 2.3.2 and WPTouch address this issue.


I’m not in love with Twitter like some – it’s fine.  It’s a thing.  But I think I just coined a name for people like Maureen Dowd who rail against Twitter without a clue.

Twitter Is Not Poor Man’s Email

Google‘s CEO Eric Schmidt is on record here and here saying that Twitter is a “sort of poor man’s email”.  I respectfully disagree.

Twitter is email lite.  Twitter is the icing of email’s cake without the heavy filling.  Twitter is the top of the muffin.  Twitter is the sex without the wet spot (was that too much?).

Basically, Twitter is email – except without the Body of the email.  It’s all Subject line.  You don’t even have to specify the recipient.  Ever wanted to send a message to somebody (or everybody) without specifying anybody and didn’t really want to say anything other than “I made it home”?  Twitter is perfect for this.

Picture this:

From: Crankie Tech <>
To: Everyone I Know <*@internet*.*>
Subject: I Made It Home
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2009 17:08:27

Well, I made it home.  That is all.


It’s short, but it’s easily 700 bytes longer than it needs to be, not including firing up the email client or web client, blah blah blah.  With Twitter, on a single data-light web page you get:

I am home.

Or occasionally:


Twitter also relieves you of having to fish the odd spam out of your Inbox because, well, honestly, it’s all spam.  However, it’s spam from people you know – which makes it only slightly less annoying because you asked for it.