It Done Broke.

Hostgator, WordPress, Xinha4WP

Spent a whole day on this. Thanks Hostgator.

PHP 5.2.8
Apache 2.2.11
Wordpress 2.5
Xinha4WP 1.2b
WPG2 3.0.2

A client’s WordPress install recently started giving them trouble. It’s installed alongside Gallery2 with the WPG2 and Xinha4WP plugins. They hadn’t touched their site in a while but now they found that when trying to invoke Xinha4WP’s Image Manager they would get a 404 page popping up instead. So it would have seemed that the path that’s either getting passed to the plugin or the way it’s being parsed had changed.

Disabled all the other plugins. That didn’t work. Upgraded WordPress to 2.6.5 (in case they’d made some changes that accounts for PHP quirks). No change. Contacted Hostgator and asked if anything would have changed in server settings that would affect the path (e.g. mod_rewrite, etc.). Nope. Reinstalled the Xinah4WP plugin in case Hostgator had somehow corrupted. Nothing.

Finally Googled (okay, now, this is after hours of Googling various things) “WordPress” and “hostgator” and it came back with the WordPress forums. Turns out, there was a recent modification to their Apache setup involving mod_security and suphp.

Contacted Hostgator, and oh yes. That was the problem. They did something on their end and it’s now fixed. &!^(#*@